My name is Ryan Taylor Stern (this is also the name of the website you are on, how cool is that?)

I’m 28 years old, but have constantly been told by others that I’m an old soul and mature beyond my years. While this is flattering, I am trying to make the most of this life. This blog is called a Jaunt of Interpretations.

First, the Webster Dictionary definition of a Jaunt is as follows: a short excursion or journey for pleasure.

I like going on jaunts because it usually means being outside and with no absolute direction in mind. It gives you some feeling of free will and choice. It feels right to create a blog around Jaunts because I’m not quite sure how it will evolve or how I’ll use it in the future, at this point, it is a medium for communication from me to you.

Second, the Webster Dictionary definition of Interpretation: the action of explaining the meaning of something.

Our lives are just interpretations of the reality in which we accept. I’ve been fortunate to be on a journey that has destroyed almost every conceivable interpretation I’ve once held. Therefore, I want to use this as a platform for me to attempt the impossible. By sharing how I’ve done or view things, I hope to set a positive example for one way to go about this journey.

I’m a leader. I’m happy. I’m healthy.

But I’ve been through hell:

My mom died when I was 17.

I had an absolute hatred toward my father growing up.

I went through depression.

I broke up with my best friend and first true girlfriend.

My dog died.

I’ve had my heart broken, many times.

I’ve transferred schools.

I made the b-team.

I didn’t get the job I wanted.

I worked at start up.

I moved across the country with no job, no apartment and no one I knew.

Yet because (not in spite) of all of this, I get to look in the mirror and love myself.

^ That’s all the bad stuff, the tough times and the worst shit we go through.

The coolest part is that I have a list 100x longer of examples of how blessed and lucky I am, all the things I’ve achieved, the best teachers and coaches in the world (maybe a post to come?).

I laugh every day. I’m in love with this journey.

I hope if anything, I can bring you inspiration to make positive changes in your life, so that others may follow your lead.

With love,